Manuela Mamazza

Director of Studies and teacher

I was born in 1983 during a period of great change. This environment in which I found myself inspired me to continually grow and mature, and created within me a desire to learn and share everything that life had allowed me to discover. My passion for travel, communication and miulticulturalism led me to study Foreign Literature and Languages at University, as a result of which I learnt so much about the world and I was encouraged to move around, getting to know different countries whilst undertaking a variety of roles. I was awarded scholarships and took part in international exchange programs, the most significant of which are perhaps the ‘Leonardo Project’, which allowed me to live in Spain and work in promotions at a famous theatre for children, and the ‘Mobex Project’ in Malta which gave me the opportunity to teach Italian as a Foreign Language at the ‘Dante Alighieri School’. My passion for both foreign languages as well as my mother tongue has inspired me to always keep updated with every area related to their study, and I am a keen participant of congresses, events and courses for the development and honing of my teaching skills. I have done many different jobs, all related to the field of education and tourism, and I have undertaken each role with passion and dedication. I have gained a wealth of experience in the tourism sector working for luxury hotel chains such as NH, in tourism marketing at the ‘Catania Department of Tourism’ and as a result of various collaborations with tourism promotion agencies. All of this, together with varied experiences of teaching Italian as a Foreign Language and working with a number of cultural associations, has provided me with an in-depth understanding of and concern for exactly what it means to be a student-traveller. Things I like? Watching a great film, reading Kundera while watching the ocean and kicking back with friends, enjoying an evening of conversation and laughter complimented by a good glass of wine!

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