Visit Sicily also means making a trip to taste its wonderful cuisine, characterized by dishes rich in spices, scents and colours.

The tasty Arancini (rice balls), the famous cannoli stuffed by ricotta cheese and cassata, olive oil and wines, cheeses and cured meats, citrus fruits and vegetables, jams and preserves are just examples that represent the wide variety of items.
Discover the goodness of the territory directly to the table, or going at the street markets as those in Catania and its surroundings.

Walking round to the stalls of fish, typical of Riviera dei Ciclopi, you will taste great tasty dishes. A wide range of appetizers, from mussels au gratin with marinated anchovies, swordfish fillet, octopus salad, shrimp and mullet fish, and as well as excellent and superb second courses based on fresh grilled fish.
Furthermore, on the Etna, as numerous popular street fairs and festivals, you can enjoy the taste of chestnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, strawberries, cherries, while around the Etnean villages you can enjoy a full variety of mushrooms and various dishes based on meat made by the sausage baked cooked with various wild spices and herbs.
We also suggest you to enjoy specialities such as the famousParmigiana eggplant, stuffed eggplant, the caponata and the delicious Pasta alla Norma, born & made in Catania.

Finally, you do not want to miss to sample the delicious goodness of Sicilian pastry: ice cream tastes more inviting as ones made by Pistachio of Bronte; refreshing iced Granita of lemon, almond, mulberry and coffee accompanied by the unique brioche and all kind of desserts.
To enrich the trip in the beauty of Mediterranean tastes, you can also enjoy yourself in the markets plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.