Elena Lussi

President of Scuola Galatea and teacher

I was born on 4th November 1983. Despite being Sicilian in every part of my body, I was born in the extreme north of Italy, Desenzo del Garda to be precise, where my family had emigrated in search of work. I returned to Sicily at the age of 6, and already by this young age I had come to understand that I didn’t truly belong to either the south nor the north of the country. I studied Modern Philology at the University of Catania and as a result lived for a long time in this city. Until one day that familiar feeling of not quite belonging, coupled with the desire to to explore more of what was outside of Italy, prompted me to spend a year studying in Spain at the University of Romanica Philology of Oviedo, in Asturias. After completing my degree, I worked at a school in Sanremo teaching Italian as a foreign language, a wonderful experience which led me to swap the Ligurian Coast for that of Sicily, hoping to finally establish my permanent place in the world. It was with this spirit that I returned from my experiences abroad, enriched by the many wonderful people I had got to know along the way. Once back in Sicily I had great faith in my dream and did my best to bring it to life. In this way the ‘Galatea Institute of Culture and Linguistics’ was born. What do I love? Getting lost in the streets of a city, absorbing it’s sights, sounds, character and ambience, seeing it all through my own eyes. Marvelling at the world and the spectacular beauty it has on offer for us.

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