Studying Italian in its country of origin means also finding out about the life outside school.

Therefore Galatea organizes an extensive social and cultural programme for all its students.

Guided visits to sights of particular interest to learn about the history of our places, drinks and dinners in company to try the taste of the typical Mediterranean cuisine, watching films in Italian language and much more which will make your language vacation unforgettable.

The Coast of the Cyclops ( Riviera dei Ciclopi) offers a variety of events and initiatives.
Pubs, cafés, bakeries, bars, restaurants, trattorias, discotheques for all tastes, happy hours and drinks (aperitivi) at the seaside are typical aspects of moving around the Riviera.
Acicastello is an ideal starting point for excursions of all kinds, in which you can participate by joining our extensive cultural program: a visit to the city of Catania, to the marvellous villages in the surroundings, excursions to the volcano of Etna, its craters and skiing resorts, trips to the nature reserves (Oasi del Simeto, Riserva di Fiumefreddo, la Timpa) and the parks (Parco dell’Etna, Parco dell’Alcantara, Parco dei Nebrodi) and much more.
The coast of the Cyclops is also an important fishing centre in which the old Marineria (market place where the catch of the day is stored and sold) is still in use. The market – Mercato Ittico in Piazza della Marina in Aci Trezza is worth a visit. It is open every day except Saturday from two until six o’clock in the morning. There you can buy freshly caught fish surrounded by the lively noise of voices, it is a performance of really unique faces, scents and colours.
In this area are organized fishing trips and guided scuba diving trips at various levels of difficulty. In some cases, based on the fish caught you will have the possibility to try the traditional local specialities on board.
As well as offering a large number of fully equipped bathing establishments, the Riviera provides a wide range of interesting sport activities like sailing, canoeing, diving, tennis, golf, cycling trips and other activities you might enjoy.