Shining city and cradle of cultures, Catania has always been a favorite destination of tourists looking for emotions and culinary flavors.

On the slopes of Mount Etna, Capital of Baroque, itself contains traces of different ages and dominations, visible in areas that make the city an open-air museum.

Piazza Duomo with his elephant, said “U liotru”, represents the symbol of the city. From this square you can start paths that will lead you to discover unique places like the Monastery of the Benedictines, (now important University and the second largest Monastery in Europe) or Via Crociferi with its beautiful churches. In the city you will discover also a Catania Norman style represented by castello Ursino and a Catania, 19th century in Liberty style, made of tree-lined avenues and luxurious palaces, visible in Corso Italia, or in the gardens of Viale Regina Margherita.

Do not miss a walk in the beautiful Main street called “Via Etnea” in the center of Catania, full of shops and bars where you can buy local products.
Catania, eclectic and cosmopolitan, offering the opportunity to spend some wonderful days in contact with history, tradition and culture, not forgetting the leisure and entertainment typical of his indistinguishable “movida” at night.