About us


Scuola Galatea – Institute of Italian language and culture was born out of the love for experiencing new cultures, thirst for gaining new knowledge and passion for teaching of three exceptional individuals.
After years of travelling and working all over Italy and abroad Elena Lussi, Manuela Mamazza and Guiseppe Bonura embarked on a new adventure and opened doors to Scuola GalateaCentro di lingua e cultura italiana in Acicastello, Catania.
United in the philosophy that the most rewarding learning experience is the one that satisfies both mind and soul, they set to put the foundations of Scuola Galatea.
Here they created a personalised offer for learners who want to have more than a holiday, more than a study course, more than a cultural trip but a combination of all three and enable them to immerse in the Sicilian way of life.
Thus, they opened a lively centre where learners will feel welcomed and will enjoy and appreciate the benefits of professional approach, friendly environment and breathtaking sea view in Acicastello.
Elena Lussi

Elena Lussi

Manuela Mamazza

Manuela Mamazza

Giuseppe Bonura

Giuseppe Bonura


Our partners

Ivana Parisi

Ivana Parisi(Teacher)

Andrea Sangiorgio

Andrea Sangiorgio(IT Expert)

Vincenzo Riccobene

Vincenzo Riccobene(IT Expert)

Sabrina Sansone

Sabrina Sansone (American Agent)

Marieta Teich

Marieta Teich (Austria Agent)

Aurora Vella

Aurora Vella(Graphic Designer)