The Riviera dei Ciclopi is constantly busy in all seasons, especially in summer the area is filled with local fairs, many kind of festivals where you can taste the best local products, see shows, listen to concerts, exhibitions and historical parades.
Here some examples of typical festivals of the territory:

Il padellone – AciCastello 14th-15th July

The tradition of fresh fish is dedicated to AciCastello, the seafood fair, at the end of July, it is also called by the inhabitants of the city “Il Padellone” – The Big Pan, for the enormous frying pan placed in the sea and used for frying large quantities of fish.

U pisci a mari – AciTrezza 24th June

In honour of the Patron Saint John the Baptist, at AciTrezza on the 24 of June you can have the pleasure of attending a demonstration – dating back to 1750, that staged the fishing event: U Pisci a Mari.
Performed by local fishermen tells about the relationship between the man and the sea, between the fisherman and his bait, the swordfish. From the district Urnazza to the old pier, among other stalls, “u raisi” (the leader), leads a group of fishermen to capture the animal, in a suggestive duel which every year attracts many tourists.

Carnevale di Acireale

A nice opportunity not to be missed is a visit in February when the town of Acireale celebrates the most beautiful Carnival of Sicily (sources dating from the end of the 16th century): the impressive parade of allegorical cars and cars with flowers that attract visitors from all parts of Sicily. The celebrations end on Mardi Gras by burning the King of Carnival.

Festa di S. Agata – Catania 3rd-4th-5th of February

Another event not to be missed in February is the fair of the patron of Catania: Saint Agata. It takes place from the 3rd to the 5th and it includes a sequence of processions through the city. It is a religious celebration, but also an important ritual, a true show characterized by the presence of a large audience, concentrated nearby the stalls and votive wagons. These also called” Candelore”, the illuminations that decorate the streets of the historical center, and fireworks in honour of Saint Agata are a strong cultural and traditional element of this city.